One Act Plays

Where: Sandgate Town Hall, Cliff and Seymour Street, Sandgate QLD 4017

  • Sunday 26th May, 2024 7.30pm -9pm
  • Thursday 30th May, 2024 7.30pm -9pm

No need to prepare an audition piece. Cold reads will be conducted at the auditions.

For performances as follows:

Friday 16th August

Saturday 17th August

Sunday 18th August (matinee)

Friday 23rd August

Sunday 25th August

For further information phone Chris on 0403 886 458

The following plays will be performed:

Box and Cox: A romance of real life in one act’ by John Maddison Morton (written 1847) 2 males 30-50 and a mature looking female

Box and Cox find themselves renting the same room from their landlady Mrs Bouncer, without realising it, because one has a day job and the other has a night job. They eventually meet each other and find out that they have more in common than anyone might imagine.

Yesterday’ by Colin Campbell Clements (written 1923) A male and a female who can look to be in their 60’s

Forty-one years ago, a British General, being deployed to India, proposed to his beloved, who had said in her reply that they needed to think carefully, and he had understood this to be a refusal when, in fact, it wasn’t. They meet up after his return at a ball, and initially neither recognises the other. Though eventually, the gentleman realises who the lady is.

A Matter of Husbands’ by Ferenc Molnar (written 1923) 2 females 18-40

A young lady is convinced that her husband, a lawyer, is having an affair with an actress and so she goes to meet and confront the actress. The actress manages to convince the young lady that this is not the case… BUT…

Ashes to Ashes’ by Jill Curran
2 females and 1 male (40’s/50’s/60’s)
Two sisters can’t agree on what to do with their father’s ashes. After much discussion and deliberation, they unexpectedly learn that their father had made some very unusual arrangements of his own with the Commodore of the local Yacht Club and this settles the matter.

A Stab in the Art‘ by Paul Hannah 2 females and 1 male approx. in their mid 40’s/early 50’s

This play is set in an art gallery where a relatively inexperienced female art critic has gone accompanied by her friend who would rather be doing something else and who receives a number of phone calls from her husband. The art critic makes a number of negative comments about her friend’s husband with which her friend does not necessarily agree. The plot is complicated by the arrival of a man who works in the art gallery and who reveals information about the artist of the works being reviewed.

Rehearsals are at Sandgate Town Hall and start Thursday June 6th at 7:30pm-9:30pm. They continue most Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays throughout June and July and early August. The full rehearsal schedule is available at the audition.

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