We are very excited to announce an agreement with the Sandgate Hawks Football Club on Lemke Road, Taigum. 

The club is generously allowing us to rent the top floor for our theatre until such time a permanent tenant expresses interest. At this stage all rehearsals/meetings, and all going well, our November show will be held at this venue. We will provide updates on the show plans as they progress. 

This provides a great opportunity for two local community groups to support each other during these unknown times. We have a lot of work ahead of us to get the show space prepared, but we are excited and ready to put our handyman skills to the test. 
If you are looking for a great venue to rent on a casual basis, please feel free to contact us to pass your details onto the club committee. 

Our community theatrical not-for-profit organisation has been performing at the Sandgate Town Hall since 1958, at that time starting with a donation of £5,5s from the local Rotary group under the name ‘The Sandgate Little Theatre Group’.

Currently operating under the name of Sandgate Theatre Inc., our group voluntarily produces and performs three major productions a year, as well as: The One Acts – a collection of one-act plays and skits put together in one performance, and The Yarrageh Drama Festival, with amateur theatre groups from throughout South-East Queensland presenting their best one-act plays here at Sandgate. Our plays range from hilarious comedies to serious dramas.

Committee 2021

President – Wendy Browne
Vice PresidentMichelle Whitmore
Treasurer – Wendy Thomas
Secretary – Wendy Thomas
Assistant Secretary –  Paul Chong
Stage Manager – Wendy Spencer
Lighting & Sound – Tim Yin with Katie Brice
Publicity – Wendy Spencer with assistance from others
Front of houseKerry Heath
Web Master Fiona Smith
Newsletter editor Danny Cruise
Bookings Glenda Lawrence
PhotographyPeter Lovely
Yarrageh CoOrdinatorKerry Heath with assistance from Glenda Lawrence & Jacqui Geary

We are always looking for new actors for our plays. To be an actor you don’t have to have prior experience as enthusiasm is all that’s needed. If acting doesn’t interest you, we also need people to work backstage, handle administration, make costumes and props, direct plays, design posters and newsletters, build and paint sets, use sound and lighting equipment, and work Front of House (selling drinks, tickets at the door, etc).

Photographers, singers, bookkeepers, make-up artists, carpenters, computer wizards and people who can play musical instruments are all useful in amateur theatre.